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Apple poaches TAG Heuer Exec for iWatch developement

Apple has recently poached the VP of sales for luxury Swiss watch brand much before the anticipated unveiling of the awaited smart and sophisticated Apple iWatch. Tag Heuer has confirmed the news that Apple has nabbed Patrick Pruniaux from Tag Heuer which is an integral part of the colossal LVMH conglomerate and one of the most illustrious & biggest Swiss watches brands. Tag Heuer is also a part of the luxury goods group that dilates its extent to fad, jewelry, perfumes and spirits. Moreover it is one of the world’s most established & renowned Swiss watch brands which is the most significant for LVMH owing to its self-marketing in the large scale and range of price points.

The news of Apple poaching Tag Heuer has been disclosed by the head of Jewelry and Watches, Jean Claude Bliver. Patrick had proven his worth in early years and framed strong network in this vast watch industry that would certainly prove the great worth to Apple and hence it has staggered this vital decision prior being decked up for the launch of its blazing sophisticated iWatch. Apple has invigorated its team with recruitment from the luxury industry. It had recruited Angela Ahrends as the new retail chief and Paul Deneve to head the Special Projects for Tim Cook who is the CEO of Apple.


Jean-Cladue Bliver had disclosed the news of Patrick Pruniaux being hired by Apple prior the launch of the smart iWatch is not seemed to be appalled and dismayed by this fact. He did not view this move of Apple unfavorable and he does not believe that Apple has the potential to pose a threat to its Luxury watch establishment. He rather says that his exec taking a switch to Apple shall give him a good experience. Thus Bliver gave a positive closure to his interview.

With Apple appointing Patrick Pruniaux as the Vice President of global sales of Tag Heuer, it has bolstered its launch of the new iWatch. Apart from Pruniaux Apple has poached till now, there are many names added to this list. Pruniaux has joined several senior executives that Apple has hired so far from the luxury section in the recent times. No wonder the exquisite, illustrious and colossal brand Apple is meticulously planning on its launch of its new age iWatch. With so many technological and ignited erudite, the iWatch is being anxiously anticipated by the global market.

Apple has reportedly targeted to combat all the criticisms that has confronted with its earlier products, striving hard to enhance the functionality and hence promote the brand. The iWatch is anticipated to unveil its splendor and panache at a launch event in the month of October and is likely to follow the release of iPhone 6. Apple poaching The Vice President of Tag Heuer, Patrick Pruniaux is rumored to prove extremely beneficial for the launch of the new iWatch and would also offer commendable functionality.


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