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What is annoying about Facebook Home?

Facebook Home is an app for your phones which gives more value for your friends than anything else. Facebook Home can be enabled for free by downloading the apps Facebook, Facebook Home and Facebook Messenger from the Google’s Play Store and the next method to experience Facebook Home is to purchase a phone preinstalled with Facebook Home. The HTC one gives the best experience- buy the phone, turn it on, go to Facebook and here it is. Facebook Home works both with Android and Facebook Messenger to ensure and to enable its main features like cover feed, chat heads, notifications and app launcher.

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Experience with Facebook Home

Is Facebook Home really nice? For sure Facebook Home is the best for your smart phone experience but the feature doesn’t give us what we actually need from the social network – Facebook. The main problem is that Home offers the major and minor aspects of Facebook, what we actually don’t need much. Moreover, the customization of the feature is very much limited.

The lock screen as well as the default Android interface are replaced by the Home app, the app will display a picture posted by any one of your friends along with time and a virtual button with your face, when you switch on your phone. Also, any alerts and notifications will be shown.  If you touch the phone, it will start showing succession of pictures with status updates overlaid on top.

One of the main troubles that we face with Facebook Home is the search function; Facebook Home lacks a search option, which is often required by anyone.  Hence searching for contacts, something in Facebook is difficult and we need to access Facebook Messenger or Google Search for finding something using a search function. The next notable fault with Facebook Home is, there is no quick way to make phone calls; since the app is designed for phones it really needs a shortcut for making phones from the home. We could suppose Facebook avoided these kinds of things in order to have clean and open Home screen, decorated with pictures and fancy animations.

Facebook home is pretty photo centered but it lacks a camera shortcut, which seems really weird. Facebook always requires us to post photos, share it, like it, etc… but they forgot to add a shortcut in the Home for capturing photos instead more importance were given to options such as Apps and Settings which we rarely use.

Limited or very little customization options are the next big fault with the Facebook Home. The settings page for Facebook Home has options like turn off FB home, show status bar, data usage, messenger settings, Facebook settings, etc., but there are no options for refreshing FB home, choosing what to show, like our recent stories, etc. The next big defect is what I said just above; the refresh function. There is no way to refresh our Facebook home manually; even if we switch off and come again what we could see is the same status we saw earlier. The following drawback is what really makes us annoying or we could say time consuming, after going through the notifications or the pages, there’s no way we could come back to the home and the only method to get all the way back to the front is to scroll all the way back.

Hence most didn’t like the Facebook Home or could say we are not happy with it. Until it comes back with the features, what it now lacks, Facebook Home is a useless app. It’s like something designed just considering the Facebook’s wishes and likes, avoiding those of the users. So friends it’s better not to use or suggest Facebook Home since it will make our navigations harsher. So Zuckerberg, we need a new version of Facebook Home, built for us more than anything.

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