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Tower Fans – Best Alternative to Ceiling Fans

Not many of you have heard about tower fans, but after reading this post, you will understand its beauty. We are living in a world, where money is always a top priority. 

So, when we can get a thing at a low price then why pay extra for it. Tower fans are the best alternatives for the ceiling fans.They only need small space, but they can be used for cooling a large space in an efficient way.

There are different types of tower fans available in the market which offers fantastic cooling at a much lower price than ceiling fans.

In this post, we will let you know about all the details you need to know about best tower fan and end of the post, I have linked my other post that contains some amazing cooling tower fans to buy!


What is a Tower Fan?

A tower fan aka standing fan is basically a tall, thin cooling system which stands upright like a tower and is used to do cooling. They can be used at any place and can be placed in any corner of the room.

The main reason for opting for a tower fan is that they perform the same action as ceiling price but costs almost half of the price of it.

Tower fan uses the phenomena of oscillation to perform cooling and hence it is also called oscillating tower fan. They are available in different size and comes with an option to change the height.

What are the Best Tower Fans?

A thing is considered the best when it is inexpensive and offers quality service. Isn’t it? Same goes for tower fan too. 

It should be available at a good price and should offer quality cooling. Apart from that, the best tower fan should be able to cool your room, and while doing that, it should look great.

Not only this, it should conserve energy and should also be able to clean the air. To get the best tower fan, you should look out for the most reliable, trusted and affordable standing fan.

What To Look While Choosing The Best Tower Fan?

Getting the best deal should be your aim. And you can get it, only when you know, what things you should look out for while buying a tower fan. Just don’t choose a tower fan because it is available at a cheap price.

Rather, search for an all-rounder, which should be able to do its work in a proper way. So, let’s check some stuff to be looked while selecting the best tower fan.

Size of Tower Fans

Tower fans are available in many different sizes, but it depends on the space for which you are buying it. If your space is big, go for a large size tower fan, and if your space is not that big, you can opt for regular size.

The noise of the Fans

Noise can be an important factor of the cooler fan. There are many tower fans which are available at a much cheaper rate but they create a hell lot of noise.

If you are not able to check the noise level at the shop, then you can check some online Tower fan reviews.

There is not a single tower fan with do not create noise or comes with no noise, but you can get the one which has the least noise.

Safety Measures

Tower fans can be easily accessed by kids or pets, so safety should also be checked. Make sure that the fan you are buying has not a large gap. Otherwise, a kid’s finger can easily go through it.

Price and Warranty

This is one of the most important aspects to be considered when purchasing the new tower fan. Buying a fan because it’s cheap is not the right way.

You may visit Amazon.com to save on the fan purchase. Don’t compromise with the quality. Also, keep a check that it comes with a manufacturer warranty.

I have listed some best tower fans for great cooling, you can get a good one according to your requirements! 

3 Best Tower Fans To Buy In 2019

If you confused to buy the best tower fan brand, here are my recommendations. 

1. Kelvinator KTF-131 4 Blade Tower Fan

Kelvinator KTF-131 fan ensures complete cooling in less power consumption. This tower fan from Kelvinator is slim and sleek, can be accommodated in a small space and is easy to operate.

The tower fan is noiseless and comes with custom wheels which offer easy mobility. The three-speed air control can be set to high, medium and low speeds.

The Kelvinator KTF-131 4 Blade Tower Fan comes with 2 years warranty and the authorized services center reaches to your doorstep and repairs the issue.


1. Budget-friendly
2. Portable
3. Noiseless


1. The external plastic body design gives a cheap look
2. No remote control
3. Lack of built-in air ionizer

Check Price On Amazon

2. Lasko 4443 40″ Hybrid Fan with Remote Control

All the air products of Lasko has a good reputation in the market. The high-velocity blower provides 30 % more air delivery. Lasko Fan is ideal to cool the entire house and even office.

The 3 powerhouse speeds provide cool breeze anywhere based on the need. The speed can be adjusted from low to high based on the requirement. The widespread oscillation allows you to direct the airflow.

The air circulation is side to side hence the tower fan ensures air distribution evenly.


1. The night-time feature comes with a subtle glow at night.
2. Comes with remote which allow you to control the speed, turn and oscillation.
3. Easy to assemble
4. Aesthetic look and sleek design
5. Build in ionizer


1. During the high speeds, this tower fan produces noise.

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3. Ozeri OZF1 Ultra 42 inch Wind Fan

Ozeri wind fan is stylish and engineered with a great motor set. The Ozeri wind fan sets a new benchmark for noiseless airflow. The design is stylish and offers a sophisticated look.

It enhances the beauty of the home. The fan comes with 3 pre-programmed airflow patterns and the fan offers 90-degree oscillation for optimal air circulation.

The LED screen comes with a dimming option, the best choice for night time. The wind fan can be programmed up to 12 hours.

The Ozeri wind fan comes with other additional features like room temperature display, remote control, convenient storage etc.


1. Stylish look enhances the beauty of home and office.
2. Multifunctional remote control
3. Noiseless air flow
4. Easy to assemble and needs no tool.
5. Customized fan height.


1. The price
2. The device can get shaky and unsteady when operated at high speed.

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Final Words

I’d say that the Tower fan is an ideal choice to cool your room this summer as they offer a wide area of air circulation in a little space and can fit anywhere in the room.

This powerful high-end technology fan has great cooling performance that stays for a longer period.

Are you living in a hot climate? I think that we have given a better solution for your problem through tower fans. What is your opinion on this striking appliance? You may share it in the comment section. 

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