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How To Add Image Maps To WordPress?

Are you striving to know about how to add image maps to WordPress? Then don’t worry, you’ll learn it in this post.

If you are unsure whether to use image maps to WordPress, then let’s find out its importance so that you can find out why to use image maps for WordPress.

Now before knowing about its importance, let’s find out what is image maps.

What is Image Map?

Image maps are nothing but the graphic image defined so that users can quickly click on different areas of the images, and those are linked to the various destinations.

These type of images are most common in the present digital world. You can create an image map just by defining each of the sensitive areas on the image in terms of X and y Coordinates, and you will specify a URL. When the specific part is clicked, you will take them to your destination URL.

The image map is better than the text since it conveys a piece of enormous information when compared to text. However, for better user experience, make sure to add the responsive and fast loading image maps to your WordPress site

Let’s get further and learn about the importance of Image Maps.

Importance of Image Maps

In this digital world, almost all websites are using an image map on their essential pages.

Most of the sites mainly use images maps for their user navigation, and lots of other sites display them to spice up their website with a visual theme.

Now, these are not only the reasons why people use image maps; there are even more.

  • Image maps are used to convey the information in a better way than in text. It’s best to use an image map instead of handling hundreds of words.
  • The image maps always convey a large amount of information on small space and attract the users more. The best part of image maps is it’s interactive and take users to other locations.
  • We’re living in the fast transformation world, so it’s always best to grab the attention of users with new and fresh graphics then only we can grab best leads.
  • Image maps will provide an alternative to loading page which contains several linked images. This map also allows you to use a single image to offer links to different URLs quickly.
  • Image maps can act as an aesthetically pleasing alternative to cluttered pages.

Let’s check out How to Add Image Map in WordPress! 

Best Image Maps Plugin for WordPress

image-map-for wordpress

Image Map Pro

Image map pro is a premium WordPress plugin which comes with lots of inbuilt features. You can quickly create the best image maps for your custom image with the help of this special plugin.

Along with that, you can even put the pins and use all custom shapes which are required in the images. One can quickly place locations and add texts with the drag and drop functionality of this map editor.


  • This is a premium tool which costs $19 regular license and extended up to $79.
  • Create Image maps hassle-free with drag and drop editor.
  • Add video, images, buttons, and youtube videos with distinctive styles.
  • This plugin has 12 column bootstrap style grid options.
  • It comes with 150+ SVG Icons.
  • You can change those colors and scale as per your requirement.

iMapper – WordPress Image Mapper

When you are searching for the best options of image mappers, then Image Mapper can be the best fit for you. Its powerful plugin which has some great features.

This plugin allows you to select the image of your choice and pin the required stuff on it.
This tool is easily adapted to the health image mapper and more. You can quickly create the best image maps you love on this tool.


  • It’s a premium plugin which costs around $19.
  • This plugin has seven different pins which have embed functionalities.
  • It can support Google fonts for better presentation.
  • This tool has an extremely intuitive backend design which is easy for beginners.
  • You can insert all types of content and tags in this plugin.

Interactive World Map

If you are striving to use a free WordPress map plugin in your site? Then you have to check out this cool interactive world map plugin. This is an interactive plugin which often helps you to turn your space into interactive maps.

It’s one of the best free interactive map plugins, which is useful for WordPress users. You can easily install this plugin, and even you can customize it with ease as its settings are user-friendly.

The main features of this interactive world map are its visual editor, so there is space for coding. That’s why most of the people love this cool plugin to display a map on their website.


  • Visual Editor is the main feature of the interactive world map plugin.
  • You can use shortcodes in your page to quickly display a map.
  • Its fully responsive and you can even customize your maps.
  • This plugin loads blazingly fast, and it’s minimal in file size as well.
  • Free Download and SEO Friendly Plugin.


Do you want to use the best and interactive Google maps on your WordPress site? Then you have to check out this excellent plugin.

It is one of the best plugins which is easy to edit the map. This mappress is a free WordPress plugin which can be downloaded from wordpress.org site.

It supports unlimited maps, and the best thing is you can add multiple maps per your blog post as well. Along with these, the other vital features of this MapPress WordPress Plugin is its custom post types. I like to use custom post types because we can customize it according to the needs.

MapPress Plugin has more than 90,000+ installs, and it supports 4.5 or higher version of WordPress. This plugin is regularly updated so you will get all the up to date features from this MapPress WordPress Plugin.


  • MapPress is a free plugin for WordPress sites, and it supports 4.5 or higher version of WordPress.
  • It is based on the latest Google and leaflets APIs, so it works perfectly.
  • MapPress is multisite compatible, and it supports custom types post as well.
  • You can easily create maps right in the post editor itself.
  • It supports markers for any address, a street view supported and also shows real-time traffic.
  • You can create custom text and HTML markets, including links, photos, and more.

Wrapping Up

If you want to show the defined linked places, then Images Map is the ideal choice. I hope you all got a clear view of the Image map and why to use the image maps on WordPress. So, tell us what you think about image maps in the comments section below.

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