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10 Interesting Things To Know About Pokemon

Pokemon has almost been a love for everyone. Almost every 90s kids would love to grab the wonderful glimpse of the Pokemon series.

Right from watching our favorite sets of Pokemon on the cartoon channels, it has been a delight for everyone to get the best attractions.

Pokemon is one of the best anime soaps that we loved to watch every time. Well, apart from just watching the favorite show, millions of kids from all over the world love to watch this outstanding series.

Just as the Pokemon Go APK comes out, a lot of fans from all over the world were taken by a storm. Well, if you think that you know all about this, then it may not be true.

Here are 10 Fascinating things to know about Pokemon!

Exciting Stuff Of Pokemon That Are Worth Mentioning 


10. Pokemon Green Version

Most of the gamers throughout the world are very familiar with the Pokemon Red and Blue Version. The best part of all is the green version that was released only in Japan. It was released almost eight months after the release of the other two versions.

If you had checked the Green Version, you would have known that the graphics, dialogue, and action are much improved. However, for the worldwide released, red and green was renamed to be red and blue.

9. Spinarak’s Backstory

Ever since the Pokemon Game came out to the middle of the world, almost everyone would jump across the market to grab the best results. The second generation was released after the year 1999 and was undoubtedly a super-hit.

Spinarak is thus one of the biggest Pokemon in the series that you would love to bring. However, most of the people still do not know that Spinarak is still one of the oldest in the second generations of Pokemon.

8. Parasect Is A Zombie Pokemon

You might be amazed by the look of the Paras Pokemon and the amazing features it has. Certainly, the looks of the cute Pokemon under the shell is adorable. But, here comes the twist. If you have a close look in the eyes of the Parasect, you will find it to be black.

Also, the shell appears more to be a controller than that of protection. The mushroom grows in power and also takes guard for the whole body. It can easily manipulate the brain function and turn the Parasect to a zombie!

7. Drowzee

Drowzee seems to be very creepy and also falling asleep. But little do you know that it has a resemblance to a real-life animal?

Search on the internet for Tapir, and you would find some fantastic results. It seems like that the production house has done some great job to bring in Drowzee as a real-life character.

According to the Japanese Folklore, Tapir is one of those endangered species that can even eat the dreams of sleeping children. It is one of the best contributions to the Pokemon World.

6. Magneton’s Weight Makes No Sense

Indeed, Magneton is one of those sets of pokemon that brings up one of the most shocking results. Well, if you see them, Magneton appears to be a newly evolved Pokemon that has some of the best results.

Well, the weight of a Magnetite is around 13.2 pounds, but the evolved from weighs approximately ten times more. Magneton is creative evolutions that are made up of magnemites.

The physical appearance almost appears to be great as the Pokemon fans seem to love it although.

5. Pokemon Is Based On A Real Hobby

What was your first motive when the Pokemon Go came out roaring in the market? Well, Pokemon is based on a Real Hobby, and it is very similar to the hobby of bug collecting. The Japanese creator Satoshi Tajiri made up this reel life fantasy to real life with the help of Pokemon.

He just utilized the concept of bug collecting to a new form. Many of his thoughts included Pikachu and many other Pokemon. However, the Capsule Monsters just became one of the best in the plot.

4. Pikachu Went On A Diet

Do not get amused by this, but probably the anime character of Pikachu goes for a Makeover. If you see the early concepts, the structure of Pikachu in 1998 became a bit healthy, and it went on a diet for two years to get a new look.

He was extremely chubby for a sidekick, and this new feature had to be added. However, the shape of Pikachu in 1998 was a significant concern for the healthier Pokemon, and it became one of the biggest things to consider. The transformation is very similar to Mickey Mouse.

3. Pokemon Is Worth Over $15 Billion

Pokemon is one of the biggest anime series that has been ever made. Yes, with a great run of around 20 years, things have become more in their favor. Not only the anime series, but the producers of Pokemon have decided to market it globally.

There are many games based on Pokemon, and certainly, they are a big contribution. Apart from the soaps and the games, Pokemon theme is prevalent for kid parties and also themes parks.

For this great run, the Pokemon makers have almost made a whopping $15 Billion!

2. Arcanine Was Originally A Legendary Pokemon

If you have watched Pokemon from the early days, then Arcanine is not very new to you. Especially the concept comes around from the legendary fusion of three birds. The fiery entry of Arcanine resembles it more than a Phoenix and is also a great treat to watch.

The concept is around with two legendary birds and a dog that would make the very best out of it. However, it is also considered as one of the biggest in the hall of fame for the best in the list of Legendary Pokemon.

1. The First Pokemon Wasn’t Bulbasaur

Well, we all have seen Bulbasaur to be caught as the first Pokemon, but it isn’t the first one in the history at all. According to the sources, Rhydon was the first one to be indexed.

Do you want to mention any other interesting stuff about Pokemon? Share your priceless views!

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