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Apps That Boost User Experience On MacBooks

Apple’s premium devices offer excellent features, powerful functionality, and amazing desktop programs, making them even more dynamic. Though in-house apps add weightage to how Apple devices work, third-party apps can change the way you use your Mac, making it more productive. MacBook Apps To Improve User Experience Whether you are new to Mac or a long-time Apple user, learning about …

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How To Clean The MacBook Screen?


Apple products are extremely delicate, they are made from different materials, you need to be extra caution while handling them, especially the MacBook. The MacBook screen is extremely gentle, it can easily capture your fingerprints, dust, oil on the screen. Cleaning the MacBook roughly with an abrasive cloth can lead to serious damage to the fragile screen. How to clean …

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How To Edit And Crop A Screenshot On Mac?


After seeing a great picture that seems to be perfect for your project or website, you take a screenshot of the image with the mind of cropping and editing it for later use. Sadly, you have no idea how to go about this, and you seem to be at a loss. Well, if that is your current situation, don’t give …

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