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9 Best Apps For This Valentine’s Day

Use these best apps to celebrate love on this

Valentine’s Day!

What does come to your mind when I say the words “red, romantic, and white?” I can hear what you’re saying “Valentine’s Day.” The hugely-popular love-birds holiday is approaching quickly, and one can get ready in a number of ways.

What are you? Single, in a relationship, married, or lovers celebrating love? Don’t worry, I have you covered. Whatever you are, I have scoped out 9 best apps that can illuminate this Valentine’s Day for you.

1. Open Table Mobile

Restaurants are perhaps the first place and preference, when it comes to going out on V-Day. Open Table Mobile, which is a free mobile app, enables users to search for great restaurants and make reservations. The app also comprises Dining Reward Points that allow users to add credit in order to avail coupons.

One of the best apps for Valentine's Day

2. 30 Day Relationship Challenge

This is a free Android app that is designed specifically for couples. By utilizing the app, couples can do something great and sweet for one another for time duration of 30 days. The whole point of utilizing the app is that it makes relationship better and stronger. In addition, the app can be used post V-Day as a jumping off point for periodic romantic activities.

3. iMeet

Those having long distance relationships or friends sprinkled all over the country can utilize the free iMeet app in order to connect. You can simply set your time schedule to video chat and record your conversation to hear it any time you want.

4. Love Poems

Do you ever feel like saying something too romantic without struggling to probe poetic words? If yes, the Love Poems app is for you. It is an Android app, which gives you access to some great and lovely poems. The best part? You can send your favorite poem to your peers by utilizing email, text, or Twitter.

5. Couple

Do things differently on this V-Day. No need to clog up your friends’ feeds. Just use the Couple app instead. This a free app that permits users to create personalized calendars, share snaps, and write lists with their partners.

6. Red Stamp

Those who want to send notes, announcements, and personalized cards can utilize the free Red Stamp app. This free iOS app permits you to send customized cards through Facebook, twitter, email, Instagram, and regular paper mail.

One of the best apps for Valentine's Day

7. Let’s Date

V-Day without a date? I shiver when I think about it. If you also think like me and belong to the camp of singledom blues, try the free iPhone app Let’s Date. You just have to connect to your Facebook account and setup a mini profile including your pic and a few of your interests. Then, you can easily browse through numerous profiles in search of your V-Day date.

8. Twine Canvas

This is also a dating app only with a slight difference that it lets you create a collage of pictures, so that it can reflect your personality. Furthermore, you can go for other canvases that you like. If you and other person pick one another, your chatting begins.

9. Date Escape

Imagine, you’re on a date and you think it’s terrible. What a feeling I must say? Terrible for anyone! Date Escape is a paid app available for $0.99 that comes as a savior in such circumstances. This app fakes phone calls and text messages, which helps you in escaping from your date urgently, but politely.

So, that’s my complete list of the best apps for this V-Day. Want to voice your opinion? Go ahead and voice out the best apps as per your choice.





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