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8 Best Free Apps for iPhone for 2014

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If you’re an iPhone user, you can live your happiest moments by exploiting your gadget to the fullest. To add to your delightful iPhone experience, free apps for iPhone are always there. Here, we are matching you the best free apps for iPhone that you can run in your iPhone right away.

1. Jetpac City Guides

Jetpac City Guides is one of the top free apps for iPhone apps that has hit our top spot. This app gifts you the real feel of your photos that you click with your friends, peers, and family. You receive recommendations on your photos shared via Instagram.

Free apps for iPhone: Jetpack City Guides

Ranked by Snappyness rating, Jetpac City Guides provide you the best lists of photos from around 5,000 cities all over the world.

2. PhotoSynth

PhotoSynth is another one of the great free app for iPhone hitting our second spot. It is a superb panorama app that is user-friendly and fun to use. The app creates several shapes while you capture panoramas.

The best part about this app is that it provides utmost flexibility and support older devices too. This comes in handy as compared to the built-in panorama mode of iOS camera.

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3. Heyday- Journaling reimagined

Heyday is our third pick for top free apps for iPhone. This journaling app pacifies your troubles while writing a journal. The app adds a fun element to your journal-writing. You can insert snaps, music, and locations along with text in your journal.

Free apps for iPhone: Heyday app

Use this app and you will no more have to force yourself to pen down words.

4. RunKeeper

RunKeeper is a free iPhone app that lets you track your cycling and jogging routes. In addition, the app maps and provides you details of your pace and amount of calories burned. This app turns your iPhone into your personal trainer with proper tracks of your walks, runs, hikes, bike rides, and more by using GPS in your gadget.

5. Dubble

Dubble is a great photo sharing app that allows you to merge your photos with someone else’s. You can simply click a photos using the camera of your iPhone and the app will randomly mix the photo with someone else’s photos. All-in-all, the app connects you smoothly.

Since, you never know how your shots are going to turn out, we have kept this exciting app at our no. 5 spot. Play with your snaps and create something different with one of the best free apps for iPhone.

6. Dropbox

Dropbox is an app that lets you transfer all your important data without any hassle. This app lets you access any file you want by means of your computer. You just have to dump your files in the dropbox folder of your PC and the dropbox app installed in your iPhone will let you access all those files.

This free app is easier to use than many other similar apps.

7.  PlayStation App

PlayStation App is one of our favorite free apps for iPhone. With this app, you get to enjoy the real PlayStation experience on your mobile device. By using this app, you can keep an eye on your friends’ playing activities and compare your trophies.

You can simply search for top-rated latest games in PlayStation Store and then, push them to your PlayStation 4 system as and when you require.

8. TonePad

TonePad is specifically a great app for music lovers and music composers. The app provides you a grid-based interface that allows you to compose lovely melodies. Furthermore, you can edit your creations and share them with other users.

This completes our list of best free apps for iPhone. Do you agree with our picks? Want to voice your favorite apps? Go ahead and comment right away!


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