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5 Curious Huawei P8 Features That Will Surprise You

Modern mobile phones deserve to be called pocket laptops. They are evolving year after year at a really fast pace. Today, there are really few areas of human life that smartphones could facilitate or improve.

Recently, Huawei has presented the next flagship, Huawei P8, that was met by the world public with great enthusiasm! I will now tell you about its unique features!

Light Drawing

The secret lies in the revolutionary camera that remembers the track left by the luminous object. This is a technology that used to be previously available only to professional cameras when shooting at a long exposure.

But even here Huawei P8 has the advantage: unlike usual freeze lighting, you can see what you are shooting (the process of light painting can be observed on the smartphone’s screen).

To disclose your creative potential, you can choose one of four modes: “light of lanterns”, “light graffiti”, “silk water” and “stars”.

Each of them will allow you to feel like a little Picasso, who experimented with light painting long before the advent of smartphones.

“Director” Mode

This is a unique mode for smartphones that allows professional editing of video filming online. It allows you to control three other devices on the Android platform while shooting video from 4 points at the same time.

A prerequisite is the presence of P8 as a director since this device switches video streams and stores the finished video. It is quite likely that next Beyonce’s video will be shot using P8 (previously it was Apple).

Knuckle Sense Technology

To make a screenshot, now you only need to tap the screen with your knuckles twice. This technology also enables you to make a screenshot of a part of the screen. To do this, you just need to circle a fragment of the text or picture that you are interested in.

This function is very convenient and easy to use. While you’re using it, there is only one question: “Why didn’t anyone come up with it before?”

Voice Activation

This is one of the most useful features! Has it ever happened to you that it’s time to leave the house but the smartphone is nowhere to be found? This is no longer a problem: now you can call your smartphone and it will answer you!

To do this, you will need to record a code phrase into your phone’s memory with your voice, and P8 will respond to it with the words “I’m here” and will also generate a light signal with the flash of the main camera. Follow the light!

Other Exciting Features

1. Nano Moulded Design – It has cutting edge Nano moulded design to get the ultra slim design.

2. Fast Dual Antenna Switching – 2 antennas are present (one at the top and other at the bottom) for better signal reception.

3. Unlock Smartly – You can unlock the phone with the smart band through Bluetooth feature.

4. Powerful Chip – For better graphics and CPU performance, it has been incorporated with 64-Octa core chip.

Where To Buy Huawei P8 Phone?

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Bottom Lines

Huawei P8 is a stylish, capacious and reliable flagship that is one way or another worth your attention if you are a connoisseur of decent mobile devices!

If you started playing with the device, you will adore its hidden features Optical Image Stabilization, WiFi+, Network Speed Display, Data Traffic Manger etc.

I’m sure that you will enjoy using this Huawei smartphone! So, would you like to buy it? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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